No Time!

Life gets in the way of God, can we all just admit that? Like, if I didn’t have to do school and eat and go on the Internet and watch The Hobbit cast interviews all the time, I would totally be able to do my morning devotionals and pray and go to church and do all that other stuff. But, as it is, there are so many things that I need to do in a day that I find I just don’t have space in my schedule. I listened to Chris Tomlin while I ate breakfast though, which has to count for something. I’m sure God understands that I can’t be in contact with him 24/7 because busy, busy, dreadfully busy. I think God shouldn’t have created such tempting distractions or else I would definitely be able to do everything a good Christian is supposed to do.

^^^ I’m sorry, your what gets in the way of who?

Correct me if I am wrong, but did you just say that the life that was given to you and bought back for you by Jesus Christ himself was getting in the way of a relationship with the all-powerful Creator of the universe and everything belonging to it?

This is ridiculous. You didn’t have time this morning to pray? How do you not have time to pray? It’s not a complicated practice. You clear your mind for two seconds to concentrate on God alone and say a few words, and you’re done. You can make it a lengthy business, sure, but it doesn’t have to be.

No time for Bible? In this modern age, there are apps that will read you the entire Bible if it has to in a variety of translations that can be received by the touch of a button. There are sermon podcasts that will take less than fifteen minutes to listen to – you could hear it while having your morning coffee!

Actually, that doesn’t matter! How can you not have time for the Creator of time? Who cares if you’re five minutes late to this oh-so-important meeting? If you got your time in with God, your day will go so much smoother!

The real root of this is that God should be your life. You should continue living for Him and nothing else. We try to think in a mindset that says that we control our lives and we are merely allowing God to be a part of it. We deem earthly, fragile things to be more important than the Lord. These things will fade. The money from those extra five minutes isn’t going to do you any good. They will fade and rot and fall away and you will sit there stripped of your possessions wondering what you should have focused on. Where it all went wrong. We’re stupid and foolish and slow-witted, and we don’t realize what we needed until the chances are gone.

Your life is not yours. It is God’s. So don’t ever let anything get in the way. It won’t last.

One thought on “No Time!

  1. Jan schroeder says:

    Yes,being busy IS one of the devils ploys…glad you’ve figured that out. It’s right up there with “I’ll pray,meditate and serve when I get old and have the time”.


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