One Way, No Another

In case you haven’t noticed, the world’s thoughts and beliefs contradict each other. Like, all the time.

On one hand, you’re supposed to tolerate anything and everything, but you’re also supposed to help and love others.

Be kind. They need to toughen up, don’t assist them.

It’s okay to be fat, so here’s this weight-loss diet that I think you should go on.

Follow your dreams, but that one is stupid.

Don’t try to make yourself look better for anyone, just make sure you always look impeccable.

Share your opinions! As long as they agree with mine.

Do whatever you want, but don’t do that.

Life is a gift! Kill yourself.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Now change.

World peace! Send the nukes.

Work out to keep healthy. You should be skinnier than that.

I get confused simply writing this. Take a look at the world today. Murder, suicide, rebellions, drugs, faulty ideas of love, a minefield of bad decisions. We’re not getting anywhere. Even if all seven billion people of the earth got together under a single banner, we could not save a single soul. Driving in the middle of nowhere without a steering wheel, gas pedal, break, fuel, engine, seat, or GPS. A sure recipe for failure.

And then you look at the Bible. One truth, one concept. One right way to do everything. No trickery, no foul play, no dishonesty.

Just a God who loves you and sent his Son to die for the confusion, for this world of trickery and foul play and dishonesty. For the murders, suicides, rebellions, drugs, faulty ideas, and bad decisions.

For you.

There is nothing in this world that would ever do that for the mess of human beings that we are.


Any last words?

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