Cheer Up!

This is a post dedicated to my little sister Vivian (age 2). She does some amusing things and I’m hoping they’ll cheer you up if you’re feeling down. Enjoy!

✧ She affectionately called a stuffed dog by the name of “Brownie White-White”.

✧ When she’s supposed to be sleeping she will instead sing a classic Christian song, but her own rendition. “I am Jesus’ little man…ever mad at heart I am…when my SHEPHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD jetly buys me…”

✧ If she gets in trouble (i.e., making a large mess of the cereal) she will immediately scrunch up her shoulders with an adorable smile on her face that screams that she didn’t do it because ain’t she just a cutesie wittle baby.

✧ Her stuffed bear is named Tubby. When we went to a frozen yoghurt parlor, there was a stuffed bear slightly larger than her own bear sitting outside. He is now known forever as King Tubby. All hail!

✧ No, this is not the Joker. This is her after getting into Mommy’s makeup.


✧ This little twerp is a speed queen. We’ll just happily be playing outside when all of the sudden she’ll go roaring down the mountain in a wagon piloted by my 8-year-old brother. A recipe for disaster, to be sure. We freak all the babysitters out of their minds.

✧ As any mom or big sister knows, if it’s quiet for longer than five minutes, something’s up.

“Vivi? Where are you?”

“I fix it! I fix it!”

Uh oh.

✧ We have this small toy guitar that she will grab and then say, “I am rock star!”

Her grammar is simply spectacular, is it not?

✧ She can fall off her bike onto solid concrete, hit her head, and scrape her knee, and will not cry a single bit, but it it’s naptime and try you touch her you can expect the Holy Shriek of I-Am-Two-Years-Old-Hear-Me-Roar-Now-I-Break-Your-Eardrums.

✧ Her dancing style involves pirouettes, one-arm-in-the-air spins, jumping, scrunching up her face, and hopping from foot to foot. If you stop the music, you’ve just become her worst enemy.

✧ One of her habits is sitting underneath the kitchen table with a mournful expression on her face as she belts out Castle on a Cloud from the Les Miserables musical. “There is a castle on the sleep…I like to go there on a sktskhawa…”

✧ On the subject of clothes…

“How about this Vivi?”

“Hmmm, no, I don’t love this.”

Someone’s a picky fashionista.

✧ As I’m writing this, I’m asking her to come over to me and she runs in the opposite direction before grabbing one of the toy microphones and then coming back. “Okaaaaaaaaay,” she says into the microphone. Then she breaks out into the ABCs. “ABCDEF…” and so on and so forth. I don’t think she thought I was paying attention until she saw me looking at her. “QRS, TUVeeeeeeeeeeee…” And suddenly all power has been lost in the Performance section and we’re back to shyness.

She has now run away and is saying everything into the microphone.

I love that little girl.

Author’s note: This is a late birthday present to my dear cousin Maddie who is the godmother of Vivian. Can’t wait to see you for Thanksgiving, Maddie! Love you xxo

3 thoughts on “Cheer Up!

  1. Madeline Doebler says:

    Best Birthday present, ever! I love you, sweetie! ❤


  2. Jan schroeder says:

    Definitely a slice of life Vivi will love reading when she’s your age. You’ve captured her!


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