Vandalizing Song Lyrics

Secular music + my wackadoo brain + Christianity = this post.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who mentally converts normal song lyrics into Christian worship band tunes. Please. I’m already questioning my sanity enough as it is.

Let’s take Mumford & Sons. Wonderfully talented musicians, but unfortunately very much of this world. To list some of the song titles, they are “Roll Away Your Stone”, “Awake My Soul”, “After the Storm”, “Babel”,  and “Lover of the Light”. Is that not simply begging to be transformed? In fact, that entire album is filled with religious imagery and should be adopted on the double.

Or “Starlight” by Muse. “My life, you electrify my life, let’s conspire to ignite, all the souls that would die just to feel alive. But I’ll never let you go if you promise not to fade away.” Slightly on the cheesy side for my decidedly practical heart, but the Jesus freak is strong in this one. Besides, Muse has a lot of songs with apocalyptic feels to them, and we both know how much Christians love the apocalypse. The world ends and we go to Heaven…it’s kind of a big day for us.

I think they actually did this one at my old church, it’s “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. I recommend listening to this song on your own, because the whole thing has a tidbit that could be pulled from it and I am not inclined to post the entirety of it here.

“No music is complete without including the 80s” – my mom (I’m almost positive she has said this at some point, probably with much dramatic flair and a dance move straight from Footloose.) Therefore, in honor of that  quote, I must add Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Bon Jovi’s “Living On a Prayer”. If you haven’t heard either of those, then you are either an infant or have lived underneath a rock for almost half a century. Anyway, just from the titles you can tell that these songs are going to have a suspicious bit of awesomeness about them that can only come from Jesus.

Wow, I need to put a “cheesy alert” on the above paragraph.

And lastly, we have U2. The lead singer and guitarist, Bono, has notably talked about his faith in Jesus before, but the band deserves a mention anyways.

And so this rambling post is brought to its end, with you and God hopefully laughing and I debating why my mind is allowed to share its ideas in public when it comes up with things such as this.

I’ve Said This Before But I’m Saying It Again

You are here for a very specific reason. It isn’t just that God ran out of ideas for new humans to create and decided to pop a half-finished draft (like this post was for quite some time) from the bottom of the pile into the world. God had you – your appearance, your personality, your talents, whether or not you would stub your toe on the chair last week – planned since before the creation of the earth when nothing existed except for God. He carefully plotted out your entire life from start to finish, everything that you would do meticulously placed. There were no accidents, no moments when God ever regretted what He had formed. He always has and always will look upon you and smile at what He’s made. You’re His child, His baby. He’s had you in His hands and I promise you that He’s never left. Every breath you’ve taken, every “chance” encounter, has a purpose to it. Your mistakes and failures are just as important as your triumphs and victories. They all are for your benefit or for the continuation of God’s glory. Satan can try, but God’s already won the battle a thousand times over because of you. You are the reason that the living God fights.

Not only has He done all of the things I mentioned above, but when we dug our own graves, when we sinned and fell, when we cursed our Father’s name and turned away, He never left. He did not give us up as a lost case. He was right there the entire time. And when nothing else could save us, He sent His Son. But even then we did not realize what we had been given. We ridiculed him. We tortured him and killed him. We killed the Son of God. Do you realize that God could’ve turned us all to ash at that moment and it would have been perfectly justified? But He didn’t. He loved us and forgave us. Murderers, prostitutes, liars, thieves, adulterers. All was destroyed on the cross.

Don’t throw away the beautiful life you’ve been gifted.