The Hyena-Whale

Common belief today among scientists is that a hyena-like, cat-like, or a hippopotamus-like animal evolved into whales.

Now, I don’t know the extent of your knowledge concerning whales, but let me remind you that the largest species of whale, the blue whale, weighs in at 360,000 pounds, measures 100 feet long, has a tongue the weight of an adult African elephant and possesses a heart the size of a compact car.

Already, this isn’t looking good.

Shall we go over all the things that would have to occur for a hyena to become a whale? I think it would be beneficial for everyone.

#1: The hyena would have to develop a dorsal fin.

#2: The bony tail of the hyena would have to change into a cartilaginous fluke.

#3: The hyena’s teeth would have to develop into a huge baleen filter.

#4: The hyena’s hair would have to nearly disappear and be replaced by blubber for insulation through chance mutations in the DNA.

Nope, still not done.

#5: The nostrils would have to move from the tip of the hyena’s nose to the top of the whale’s head, disconnect from the mouth passage, and form a strong muscular flap to close the blowhole.

#6: The hyena’s front legs would have to change into pectoral fins.

Not the end yet, hang in there.

#7: The hyena’s body would have to increase in size from 150 pounds to 360,000.

#8: The hyena’s external ears would have to disappear and then develop to compensate for high-pressure diving to 1,640-feet deep.

Last one…

#9: The hyena’s back legs would have to disappear completely.

This course of events would have to happen completely by accident through a series of random mutations (despite the fact that more often than not mutations in DNA result in sicknesses and defects) and natural selection. Not to mention how many retries and mulligans this would require to get the perfect mix.

In fact, the chances of a hyena becoming a whale is less likely than the chance of winning the national Powerball Lottery every year in a row for the next 200 years. Or throwing 2,000 dice up all at one time and having every single one of them come down on three dots.

For those of you who like your numbers, the odds of a hyena becoming a whale are 1 in every 364 followed by ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE ZEROS. You have to be a bloody rocket scientist to even imagine that number.

And this supposedly happened with multiple species and animal types! Apes to humans! Fish to alligators! Single cell organisms to life as we know it today!

The odds are not in evolution’s favor.


Source material – Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 1 by Dr. Carl Werner.


Real or Not Real

A common argument atheists like to use against Christianity concerns how relevant and truthful a book written hundreds of years ago can be considering this day and age. They wonder how we can possibly set anything by a book that has been translated thousands of times through the ages. It seems to be ridiculous that something put together so long ago could have any fragment of fact in it.

Well, buckle up, because there is a whole bunch of history detailing how the Bible has been through trial after trial and is still around with relevancy up the wazoo.

What, you think this is the first time the Bible has undergone questioning? Jesus’s disciples were already being criticized and accused of making up the whole thing for the sake of a good campfire tale. Keep in mind that these disciples all went to prison, were harassed, stoned, beaten, and even executed because they wouldn’t stop sharing the Good News. Seems like quite a lot of pain and anguish to go through for a lie. People today in countries like North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan are persecuted daily for practicing their faith. Wooooow, that’s definitely something I would do for a hoax made up by twelve dudes in Star Wars robes.

To look at the sinful point of view, it’s not like we’ve started sinning in different ways or done anything different than the humans before us did. Stealing existed thousands of years ago, and the Bible condemns that. Obviously we still have theft in the current world, so that’s relevant. Or murdering. We have that too. And adultery, coveting, prostitution, and other acts of transgression. They happened yesterday, they’re happening today, and chances are they’ll happen tomorrow. The Bible outlines God’s rules on every single one of them in plain language. To put it simply, He says they’re wrong, and I should dearly hope that the rest of the world would agree that these are not savory behaviors.

And let’s not forget what the Bible has done to people. You hear wonderful stories about American veterans befriending Pearl Harbor bombers, captives converting their hard-hearted guards, kings and queens being brought to their knees by God’s love. To focus on one in particular by the name of Gladys Aylward, she once led over one hundred children across Chinese mountains during Japanese attacks of World War I without losing a single child. That in itself is a feat to be put down in history, but she was also struggling with typhus, pneumonia, a fever, malnutrition, and extreme exhaustion at the same time. That’s what one would call supernatural, which God tends to specialize in.

Then you have the fulfillment of the prophecies. Jesus’s crucifixion was foretold one thousand years before he was born and, get this, crucifixion was not even a method of execution yet. There are records of Jesus’s death actually occurring written by a Roman historian and senator Cornelius Tacitus in his book Annals, and it has been approved as historically accurate. In fact, Tacitus gives no sign of being a Christian himself so, branching off of the “the disciples lied” idea, that’s pretty much debunked. [More info on that here: .]

As for the translations, you can bet that scholars have gone over the earliest versions of the Bible they can find and have gotten the best linguists to give an accurate representation in whatever language. Except for the occasional typo that was definitely removed (examples being the unfortunate version of King James that said “thou SHALT commit adultery” and the poor gentleman who, after hours of painstaking work, wrote in dramatic letters “GEENSIS”) it is about as accurate as a translation can possibly get.

When we get into matters of creation versus evolution and the like, there is so much that can be said that I would be entirely over my head trying to explain it all, so I will merely link you to the Answers in Genesis website and hope that it will answer all of your questions. [AiG: ] I myself am still learning about how our world came together by God’s hand and find the AiG databases to be detailed and easy to understand for the masses.

So, in conclusion, can you trust the Bible and that what it says is undoubtedly the truth?